Gloriously Green

I love me a smoothie… Me and my Nutribullet are best friends!

I came up with this beauty when I was craving something comforting and silky smooth…and boy it’s good… Perfect hit of warming cayenne chili pepper to boost you in the wintery weather…


Happy smoothie time

•2 bananas
•1/2 avocado
•Spinach – I used four frozen bundles
•Almond Milk
•Table spoon Honey
•Tablespoon raw cacao powder
•Cayenne pepper (to taste)
•Chia seeds sprinkled on top with extra cinnamon because why not eh!?

Blend blend blend into deliciousness and ENJOY!!!


All Hail Kale


I love a crisp… not going to deny it! So when I tried out making a healthy option and they tasted amazing, I was pretty darn happy…*crunch*

Obviously I want to spread the scoff-tastic joy!

So without further ado, here is the recipe and method!

Kale Crisps for the win…💚 My new obsession and perfect healthy snack —————————————– 1. Tear the kale off the thick stems 2. Rinse 3. Pay until dry 4. Spread in a single layer on the baking tray 5. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of olive oil over the kale… You don't want to drench it 6. Rub into the kale to make sure it's covered 7. Pop into the oven – pre heat to approx 120• 8. Cook for roughly 15 mins – you want the leaves to be nice and crispy and not burnt 9. Pop in a bowl and add rock salt if you desire 10. SCOFF!!! —————————————– #healthyeating #healthysnacks #kale #greens #kalechips #instahealth #fitness #vegetables #cooking #instafood #foodinspo #foodies #fitfam #frankieholah #health #recipe #instarecipe #howto #fitnessfood

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What will you need:

1 Bunch of Kale – the best stuff is from the market in bunches, but if all else fails, then bagged is fine

2 tablespoons Olive Oil

Pinch of rock salt

Baking tray


How do you make them: (preheat the oven to approx.120 degrees)

1. Pull the leaves off the large stalk (if bagged you won’t need to do this part)

2. Rinse the kale

3. Pat dry

4. Spread the kale out in a single layer on the baking tray (they cook more evenly like this)

5. Sprinkle Olive Oil over the Kale (you don’t want to drown them in oil)

6. Rub oil evenly into leaves to ensure crispy-ness

7. Pop in the oven for around 15-20 mins – It’s best to keep an eye on them and turn the tray if the leaves on the edge start to brown…

8. Take out of the oven when all of the leaves are nice and crispy, pop in a bowl and sprinkle some rock salt over for flavor… you can also add spices if you fancy an extra kick!

9. 1,2,3 SCOFF!!!

I will be uploading more recipes every week to make your tummy happy!

Up next will be a fave Autmun/Winter 2014 soup…so on trend…

Enjoy xx

Nutty Nibbles – No Nasties

I definitely have a sweet tooth and sometimes I just have to give in to it…
SO I would like to introduce you to my Nutty Nibbles – perfect for pre and post workout and even for those moments when you just need something sweet and tasty…


This recipe is nice and simple to create and lots of fun too…

Ingredients: Makes 5-6 balls
– 8 dates pitted and halved
– 1 tblspn mixed nut butter (Biona)
– 1 tblspn desiccated coconut
– 1 tspn of chia seeds
– 1 tspn of Lucy Bee Coconut oil


– Blend ingredients together in the Nutribullet – (it’s quite a dry mix so do it gradually so there isn’t a smoke from blender situation)
– Give the mixture a stir – (it will definitely be stuck all round the blender)
– It should be thick enough to scoop out with your hands and roll into small balls – add a bit more coconut if not
– Grab a separate bowl or plate and pour desiccated coconut onto it
– Once you have made the balls, roll them in the coconut until completely covered
– And voila – pop them in the fridge if you like then chilled or scoff right there and then (my boyfriends favourite option)

You can try this recipe with different nut butters – I’ve obviously tried with peanut butter which is delicious and plain almond butter is also pretty special


So there we have it – a no nasties treat with healthy fats and a protein boost!!!



A Heavenly Homemade Combo

So I only went and made some peanut butter chocolate inspired by lucybee coconut oil…*licks lips*

Guilt free deliciousness in 20 minutes…(potentially eaten in less)

Next time I’m going to experiment with some shapes using ice trays!!


– 50g raw cacao powder
– 1 tbspn peanut butter
– 1 tbspn honey (runny)
– 8 tbspn of melted Lucybee coconut oil

-Mix everything together well and pour into container of your choice

-Pop in the freezer for 20 minutes and VOILA – Chocolate!!!

…give it a go!

Inspired by: @lucybeecoconut

Warning: scoffing may occur

Last week I posted a pic of some peanut butter bites that I made so I thought, what better place to reveal the recipe than here… In all their peanut butter glory…


To make a batch of 8 (depending on how big you make them) the amounts below should be plenty…

– 5 heaped tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter – I only use Meridian as it’s my favourite and in my opinion the BEST
– 2 table spoons of runny honey
– 2 eggs
– 2 handfuls of pumpkin & sunflower seed mix
– Stir all of the ingredients together until thick and tacky
– Roll the tablespoon scoops into balls
– Flatten out on a baking tray and paper
– Bake for 12 mins at 180 degrees

Voila – delicious peanut yummies for your tummies!!

Let me know how you get on… These are great for pre and post training and you can add whichever seeds you want…


Ps: who would like my new raw energy ball recipe? Tasty alert