Sports Massage with Soul


When I find a business with added soul, especially when that business is all about improving your wellbeing, I have to share it with you… I make sure I only pass on products or services that I genuinely use, love and hope will be helpful for those who read my blog.

After a long stint of not treating my body to the hands of a professional, (bad I know and I was DEFINITELY in need of it) I went along to Fibre Tense – an ethical and environmentally conscious company providing sports and massage therapies with a goal to reshape the manual therapy and fitness landscape.

I mean, who doesn’t love the treat of a massage? They’re great for not only some well needed relaxation time but also extremely beneficial for easing those tight muscles, recovering from injury and helping our bodies to work more effectively.

Adam Ilko, founder of Fibre Tense is passionate about active and healthy living. The ethos: Massage, Movement and Motivation – Making real change, represents the idea that your ability to improve your wellness should extend far beyond the manual therapy. Even after you have left the treatment room (floating), Adam and his team have made sure that there is a wealth of information available online through the website and Wellness Blog so that you can benefit from their knowledge and wisdom from the comfort of your own home. My personal fave is the Muscle Map to Stretching…just so handy if you’re in need of a little inspiration or assistance with technique.

“I steadfastly advocate positive action for climate change, renewable energies and saving the environment. I always strive to act on ways to make a positive difference for every creature on our planet and therefore a lifestyle wellness for all” – Adam Ilko

London is such a non stop city and the majority of people here live fast paced, stressful lives. One of the huge advantages as soon as I met Adam, was the time given to me as a client… time to talk before the session (which isn’t taken off your time on the treatment table) and time afterwards to gather yourself instead of being rushed out for the next person to come on in. It really is the small details that make a big difference.

Oh and as well as my muscles feeling incredible when I left, so did my skin…Adam uses coconut oil for his treatments so keeping it natural and healthy!


Whether you are just looking for some time to unwind, want to treat a loved one, or you regularly train and need to re-set, Fibre Tense is where it’s at!

As a treat for you gorge readers there is a £10 discount when you book online and use the code HOLAH15 – With winter setting in, it’s a great time of year for some added luxury!

On that note, I’m going to get booked in…




If you have enjoyed this post or know someone who might benefit from the information, please share and spread the sports massage love… thank you for reading!!







Move, Nourish, Believe

Last Thursday I headed out early doors (morning coffee in hand) to attend the launch of the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge and Clean Eating recipe book. Despite being a tad tired from a serious leg session the night before, I was buzzing for the morning (virtual) workout as it was being lead, live from Australia by the one and only Kayla Itsines, Instagram super trainer and owner of a seriously killer bod and enviable all year round tan!

When it comes to fitness, health and lifestyle I am all about the no fads approach (diet is a swear word to me) and so it is mega refreshing when such a well-known active wear brand and fitspo, collaborate to promote such a positive message for women everywhere… Move, Nourish, Believe!

photo 4a


Which is exactly what we did that morning… We MOVED… put through our paces by Kayla we all participated in a 30 minute HIIT (‘you’ll keep doing this until Kayla says STOP!’) session which resulted in a lot of sweating & laughter! We NOURISHED… After the workout I don’t think I could have necked the green smoothie by Honestly Healthy any faster ahhhhh alkaline goodness… My bod needed it – yum! And we BELIEVED… I believed I could push through all of the jump squats after leg day and that every burpee, crunch and press up was possible because the motivation and great vibes of the morning gave me the push I needed.

I am also a lover, ok addict, for new kit and the new Lorna Jane Spring/Summer 2015 collection didn’t disappoint… You can get your paws on it at House of Fraser NOW and my favourite piece from the lot was this bright orange sports bra… Oh so beaut!!!


So you can don your new kit and get involved with the virtual Kayla workout by signing up to the challenge here – its freeeeeee… If our session was anything to go by, you are going be getting your sweat on!

And because nutrition is such a huge part of a healthy lifestyle, Lorna Jane has created her Clean Eating recipe book…(the pictures make you want to lick the pages) full of delicious food to NOURISH that body of yours.

“Clean eating isn’t about restricting or denying yourself; it’s about treating your hard-working body with the love and respect it deserves” *Air high five’s LJ!!*

141104_LJ_BrusselSproutSaladChicken_01 141104_LJ_Pancakes_01 141104_LJ_Smoothies_01 141107_LJ_OpenSandwich_05

What a positive, sweaty and stylish way to kick off 2015… Ladies, make this the year you decide to MOVE your body, NOURISH your body and BELIEVE in YOU!!! It’s not a fad…it’s a lifestyle!!

For kit, cooking and fitness challenge fun, follow the links below

Lorna Jane Spring/Summer 2015 collection

Kayla Itsines fitness challenge

Clean Eating recipe book


Happy and Healthy wishes lovelies x

Winter Warriors

Here is my latest column from The Brixton Bugle…

As you’re reading this column you’re probably on the tube (is the person next to you reading over your shoulder?), sat in a cafe (maybe Rosie’s?) drinking a coffee, or curled up at home on the sofa…And it’s probably pretty nippy and/or dark outside…am I about right?

As the winter months close in and the days get shorter, darker and colder, it is very easy to get de motivated when it comes to training, especially if you’re outside. In the morning that snooze button gets pushed and after a long day at work that session you planned in the park is looking less likely…

Even as a PT, leaving my cocoon of goose feather warmth at 6am can be as much of a struggle for me , and training is my love and my job…Because of said chosen job I am outdoors most of the day in all weathers training myself and clients (the wind and rain across Brockwell Park is no joke) and this has made me think carefully about how I can encourage you lovely readers to keep up the training even if the time of year and weather is against you…

So here are my ideas for staying motivated during the winter months and hopefully help you avoid that pesky January 1st panic…

1. Get the right kit – It makes all the difference, really! I recently purchased a coat which will probably be what keeps me alive this winter – best purchase I could have made. If you’re cold or wet you’re not going to enjoy what you’re doing which means you’re less likely to keep it up. Invest in a good base layer and build from there. It doesn’t need to cost you the earth and it’s a great opportunity to bag yourself some new kit…who doesn’t love new kit hu?!

2. Join a club, group or get a PT – Whether you’re new to training or a fitness bunny, this is a great way to get into it alongside other people who are also out training hard in the winter. Whether it’s running club (Brixton Blog *cough cough*), boot-camp, or private sessions, you benefit from encouragement and company all of which are great incentives to keep going back regularly. It is also a nice safety blanket when it’s dark…safety first, safety second people!!

3. Play – Yes, play… We don’t do enough of it and forget to have fun with fitness. It’s not all reps and sets you know! This Winter, find time to play and try something new which challenges you, scares you or is simply something you’ve always wanted to try…Out of your month take a week to experiment. Parkour, Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Aerial Yoga or something as simple as a game of football with friends… whatever it is just go and move and enjoy. Don’t think about anything but what you’re doing right then and there…Be imaginative!

4. Post workout treats – Not that you shouldn’t do this in the Summer too, but in the Winter, that bubble bath, that massage, that delicious dinner after training just feels and tastes so much better when you’ve come back in from in the cold. Skin and joints get hit hard in the cold too, so don’t forget to soak, rub and eat…Pamper that body (that includes you too boys)!!

On the winter training note, I’m off to the park…if you spot me in a seriously snuggly coat and trademark bright leggings give me a wave.

I’d love to see your training snaps – Tag me on insta @frankieholah and #frankieswinterwarriors


An afternoon “Above the Bar”

Two weeks ago “Above the Bar” London edition was the UK stop of the summer tour for Rick Seedman and Mark Leitz of MR Calisthenics NYC. A collaboration with Lee Wade Turner and Sai Ngo of Recession Proof Body meant that us Londoners got a workshop to remember with the crème de la crème of bodyweight training.

London Edition

Hosted by Crossfit Central London meant that we had a great bar set up and space to train. So, we were split into groups and the guys got down to teaching us the basics of moves including the (much wanted) muscle up, planche (not quite yet), back levers, front levers and handstands!

Now, unless you’re superhuman like Sai, there’s not much chance you’ll ever nail every move in one workshop but the guys are great at giving out useful points and progressions from beginner to advanced, ensuring that you can include them in your own training. Even after a full day of reps and holds, the tips and hands on help, meant that a few people in the group were starting to tweak their technique and get some strict form muscle ups (none of that kipping allowed here) and also looking sharper on the levers.  When they come back next year, hopefully I’ll be able to show them a strict muscle up and a super straight front lever…fingers crossed!

Superhuman Sai

Superhuman Sai

King of handstands

King of handstands

High bar handstand

High bar handstand

Lee Wade Turner

Back lever Lee

At the end of the day, after being put through a final grueling group “buy-out” exercise, we all got the opportunity to try out the routines designed by Rick and Mark, with added freestyle sparkle if you fancied. Everyone who got up and gave it a go really went for it and were cheered and supported – great vibes all round.

As one of the only girls at the workshop I decided to give it a go and represent – Q awesome shot by fizzYcaL in tuck planche and I got a cameo from Rick…Next time I’m getting a V Sit to match his!

Tuck Planche

I do love a day on the bars and this was definitely a great one…training hard and learning fun new things from seriously talented and humble guys…you can’t really go wrong! The only thing I’d like to see next time is more ladies in the place…

I’m off to practice my moves…

Big love and thanks to Rick, Mark, Lee and Sai

Bring on Above the Bar 2015!!!

Images by – Full album available HERE


It’s Monday, go get ’em…


Monday mornings for me mean a 5:20am start… Monday mornings for my client mean a 6:15 training session lasting 60 minutes…

We’re all human and so the sound of the alarm that early is sometimes a struggle; but by the time I’ve peeled myself from the goose feather, got myself dressed and out of the door, the morning rolls nicely from there. This amazing weather has helped a great deal too, as the sky is bright blue, the sun is shining and it’s lovely and warm -yay!

The early start has become a routine for both me and my client, which means her training schedule is consistent helping a huge deal with achieving the results she’s looking for and getting into a positive routine. A (slight shortening of her name) hasn’t missed a beat since she started and after a sweat session she generally leaves smiling (even if it’s through gritted ‘get me out of here’ teeth – ha) and heads home for a healthy brekkie.

Ta da….Consistency is key. It helps create a habit to get  up, get active and kick-start your day

Those early starts or getting to training after work can feel like a massive struggle, but hands up if 9/10 you feel looooooads better for it – it lifts our mood, it boosts our metabolism and it sets our mind up for the challenges of the day ahead or helps release the tension from a day at work…redefine that time as a treat to yourself and your body!

So, your Monday Motivation is to start your week with something positive, whether your training is a power walk in the sunshine after work, a class, a park session or a swim, take that time and TREAT YOURSELF…I promise you, the endorphin high is worth it!

When it comes to reaching your goals in training, the quote below is a favorite…so whatever your goals are today, this week or this month, start strong!!!


Happy Monday everyone….go get ’em!!


Welcome to Pull Ups & Peanut Butter


A new blog for fitness and food with no added fads…

With a passion for bodyweight training and butters of the nut variety, expect plenty of fun new exercises, hints & tips and delicious recipes to fuel your training…no crazy diets, no crazy supplements and definitely no waist shapers…