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As a lover and coach of Calisthenics, it’s really great to see that the interest in and coverage of my favourite training style has increased so much over the last couple of years. From the positive impact it has on peoples training, to the incredible work it’s helping to do in communities around the world, it remains a real passion of mine.

Elbow Lever

Recently I was asked to write some content for an article about Calisthenics ‘The Ultimate Summer Workout’ (which can be done all year round) and I was really happy to see it featured in Fabulous Magazine (The Sun On Sunday) at the end of July. A key focus in the piece was increasing female participation and destroying the myth that ‘it’s not for us ladies’ or ‘you’ll get big arms’. Well, I can assure you, it is for us and your arms will look amazing for it!!

On a personal note, involving more women in fitness has been a primary motivation since becoming a trainer, so to be able to provide exercise ideas, with the goal to help people get started on their own Calisthenics journey is pretty exciting.

Check out the article below (My name is just above the featured exercises *whoop*) Also, big shout out to my friend and trainer Nadia Al-Bazaz for her featured quotes in the article!! Girl Power all the way…

Ultimate Summer Workout

Fabulous Magazine article


UntitleUltimate Summer Workout pg2

Fabulous Magazine article

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Coming up – Summer run down – what I’ve been up to and what is still to come!!


Luxe Life



Leggings are my favourite and my fitness focused lifestyle allows me to wear them pretty much every day… So, when a Gymluxe shaped parcel arrived on my door mat you can imagine the excitement and how quickly the packaging was torn open revealing the new Deco leggings in plum (yum). Naturally, I put them straight on and pranced around the house, eyeing them up in the mirror from all angles.

I’m already a huge fan of this awesome British Brand and wear their Diamond Cut leggings a LOT. They’re just so sexy. The main difference for the better with the new design, is that Gymluxe have now improved the technology of their leggings to provide more muscle compression as well as greater coverage. With a really nice moderate to high waistband they hug you all the way from top to ankle.


And now on to that famous paneling…This new shape is just all kinds of sleek and has certainly caused a few double takes in the park while training my clients. It is super flattering and I am all for a bit of tasteful skin flashing when it comes to kit. The plum colour is definitely a welcome tone in my workout and off duty wardrobe…On days off it’s perfect with my leather jacket and Nike blazers for relaxed weekend style.



Now, I wore these beauties a lot last week and to date they have been put through prancing (obvs), full days training clients, knees & bum on the floor, hill sprint training, bar training, a weekend with my god son and Saturday shopping. So far, so good, so sexy…

I think you can tell I’m LOVING them!

If you are feeling the Deco vibes, you can shop at GYMLUXE and receive 10% off when you use the code FRANKIE10 at the checkout…discount dreams!

A big thank you to fizzYcaL for shooting the Deco in action

Love, health & happiness


Winter Warriors

Here is my latest column from The Brixton Bugle…

As you’re reading this column you’re probably on the tube (is the person next to you reading over your shoulder?), sat in a cafe (maybe Rosie’s?) drinking a coffee, or curled up at home on the sofa…And it’s probably pretty nippy and/or dark outside…am I about right?

As the winter months close in and the days get shorter, darker and colder, it is very easy to get de motivated when it comes to training, especially if you’re outside. In the morning that snooze button gets pushed and after a long day at work that session you planned in the park is looking less likely…

Even as a PT, leaving my cocoon of goose feather warmth at 6am can be as much of a struggle for me , and training is my love and my job…Because of said chosen job I am outdoors most of the day in all weathers training myself and clients (the wind and rain across Brockwell Park is no joke) and this has made me think carefully about how I can encourage you lovely readers to keep up the training even if the time of year and weather is against you…

So here are my ideas for staying motivated during the winter months and hopefully help you avoid that pesky January 1st panic…

1. Get the right kit – It makes all the difference, really! I recently purchased a coat which will probably be what keeps me alive this winter – best purchase I could have made. If you’re cold or wet you’re not going to enjoy what you’re doing which means you’re less likely to keep it up. Invest in a good base layer and build from there. It doesn’t need to cost you the earth and it’s a great opportunity to bag yourself some new kit…who doesn’t love new kit hu?!

2. Join a club, group or get a PT – Whether you’re new to training or a fitness bunny, this is a great way to get into it alongside other people who are also out training hard in the winter. Whether it’s running club (Brixton Blog *cough cough*), boot-camp, or private sessions, you benefit from encouragement and company all of which are great incentives to keep going back regularly. It is also a nice safety blanket when it’s dark…safety first, safety second people!!

3. Play – Yes, play… We don’t do enough of it and forget to have fun with fitness. It’s not all reps and sets you know! This Winter, find time to play and try something new which challenges you, scares you or is simply something you’ve always wanted to try…Out of your month take a week to experiment. Parkour, Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Aerial Yoga or something as simple as a game of football with friends… whatever it is just go and move and enjoy. Don’t think about anything but what you’re doing right then and there…Be imaginative!

4. Post workout treats – Not that you shouldn’t do this in the Summer too, but in the Winter, that bubble bath, that massage, that delicious dinner after training just feels and tastes so much better when you’ve come back in from in the cold. Skin and joints get hit hard in the cold too, so don’t forget to soak, rub and eat…Pamper that body (that includes you too boys)!!

On the winter training note, I’m off to the park…if you spot me in a seriously snuggly coat and trademark bright leggings give me a wave.

I’d love to see your training snaps – Tag me on insta @frankieholah and #frankieswinterwarriors


Frankie goes to…Amsterdam

Street Workout

Woohoo!!! The participants for the first ever female Street Workout World Championships have been chosen, and guess what…I will be representing the UK…Yikes!

To say I’m a little nervous is an understatement but I am also extremely excited, not only to take part but also meet so many other strong women from all over the World who are a part of the Street Workout community.

It is such a positive step to create an event like this just for women and I know the weekend is going to be a melting pot of inspiration. I am genuinely honoured to be a part of the competition and can’t wait to show the world what us girls have got!

The next month will see a whole lot of training and it feels really great to have the next goal set… *determined face on*!

Follow Pull Ups & Peanut Butter and be a part of the journey!.

I’d like to send a big shout out to the fabulous Vanna Chiovanna, 24sevenbarz and the WSWCF for hosting and also to all of the other competitors… can’t wait to see you there!



An afternoon “Above the Bar”

Two weeks ago “Above the Bar” London edition was the UK stop of the summer tour for Rick Seedman and Mark Leitz of MR Calisthenics NYC. A collaboration with Lee Wade Turner and Sai Ngo of Recession Proof Body meant that us Londoners got a workshop to remember with the crème de la crème of bodyweight training.

London Edition

Hosted by Crossfit Central London meant that we had a great bar set up and space to train. So, we were split into groups and the guys got down to teaching us the basics of moves including the (much wanted) muscle up, planche (not quite yet), back levers, front levers and handstands!

Now, unless you’re superhuman like Sai, there’s not much chance you’ll ever nail every move in one workshop but the guys are great at giving out useful points and progressions from beginner to advanced, ensuring that you can include them in your own training. Even after a full day of reps and holds, the tips and hands on help, meant that a few people in the group were starting to tweak their technique and get some strict form muscle ups (none of that kipping allowed here) and also looking sharper on the levers.  When they come back next year, hopefully I’ll be able to show them a strict muscle up and a super straight front lever…fingers crossed!

Superhuman Sai

Superhuman Sai

King of handstands

King of handstands

High bar handstand

High bar handstand

Lee Wade Turner

Back lever Lee

At the end of the day, after being put through a final grueling group “buy-out” exercise, we all got the opportunity to try out the routines designed by Rick and Mark, with added freestyle sparkle if you fancied. Everyone who got up and gave it a go really went for it and were cheered and supported – great vibes all round.

As one of the only girls at the workshop I decided to give it a go and represent – Q awesome shot by fizzYcaL in tuck planche and I got a cameo from Rick…Next time I’m getting a V Sit to match his!

Tuck Planche

I do love a day on the bars and this was definitely a great one…training hard and learning fun new things from seriously talented and humble guys…you can’t really go wrong! The only thing I’d like to see next time is more ladies in the place…

I’m off to practice my moves…

Big love and thanks to Rick, Mark, Lee and Sai

Bring on Above the Bar 2015!!!

Images by fizzYcaL.com – Full album available HERE

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