Vibram’s got the Sole Factor

Vibram – probably best known for their five finger trainers, have opened Vibram Sole Factor. Based near Old Street, they now provide a unique service to repair or customize your shoe with its own type of sole, depending on the desired performance and personal taste…


I have always been an advocate of ‘a shoe worth wearing is a shoe worth repairing’ and Vibram have just upped the game… With a real focus on improving the performance of a shoe, you can take in pretty much any style from classic leather to Converse and the team of elite cobblers will discuss how you wear the shoe and the best sole for the job. The logic goes like this; Converse are traditionally for a basketball court and so the design isn’t necessarily as durable for everyday wear on concrete – switch up the sole and you have a shoe that will perform better and last you longer with none of the style lost. Your  work shoes have a leather sole which gets worn down quickly and in the wet, they slip…replace with a ‘more grip’ sole and your shoes become far more effective as well as looking good.


When I visited, I took a pair of my boyfriends favourite New Balance trainers (with very worn down soles) to test out the theory. A week later, I picked them up with a brand new bright Vibram sole and a rebuilt heel – essentially they have been given a new lease of life and they look great!

Two things that I like about Sole Factor, aside from having a refreshed pair of kicks

  1. In a world focused so hard on consumerism, more ‘make do and mend’ going on is a great thing, and if we can start looking at making what he have and love last longer, it’s not only better for the environment, but also kinder on our pockets.
  2. The focus at the Vibram Academy is to train and raise the profile of cobblers… These guys and girls are experts at their craft and it’s a skill which deserves the elevation and respect that Vibram are promoting.

This new store is most definitely full of sole (see what I did there?) and worth checking out if your shoes are in need of a refresh or upgrade…

You can find them at 215 City Road, London, EC1V 1JN

Thank you to Dust PR for inviting me to the launch day!!



Frankie x



Mighty Tasty


How amazing was the weather last week? I was in sunshine bliss and so it was perfect timing to receive a lovely refreshing parcel of goodness from brand new company MightyBee.

So what did this parcel contain? Raw & Virgin Coconut water and frozen Coconut meat straight from Ratchaburi in Thailand. It goes from tree to bottle in 24 hours and arrives frozen, fresh and untouched!

Is your mouth watering yet?

Now, I have struggled with coconut water in the past…never really been a wild fan, but as an open minded gal, I wanted to try this out and I have to say, I was a little upset when I finished my bottles – they were so DELICIOUS!!!! This never happens to me with coconut water, so I know what I’ll be stocking up on…it is super refreshing and actually tastes like coconuts! YES!


The coconut meat was also very tasty and is the first of its kind on the UK market (ooooooooh). Mine arrived frozen so I defrosted it a little and tried it out in a smoothie with some banana, raw cacao and water…hello tasty! And it comes with lots of great health benefits too including live enzymes to aid digestion. All round goodness!

Other than great taste, MightyBee add ethics and sustainable farming practices into the mix as well. Each coconut is hand picked, not just to guarantee the quality but to monitor the trees health.

We believe our products should exist in harmony with nature. Our products come exclusively from 100% organic, sustainable farming practices. You receive them as nature intended.

They launched over the weekend at Fortnum and Mason, so you know where to head if you want to check it out for yourselves. I’ll definitely be swinging by to get my hit. You can also order online and read more about the company at

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week!!

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